Risk Management

Risk Management

Today an organization’s ability to efficiently mitigate and capitalize on risk is a growing differentiator in the marketplace with direct impact to business profit and strategic objectives. Risk can be defined as a prospect of loss or reduced gain that can adversely affect the achievement of an organization’s objectives. When greed overtakes need, it spells trouble. Manifested as ‘bankruptcy’ in much of the developed world and ‘corruption’ closer to home, greed has clearly disrupted some major industrialized economies and enhanced the risks of doing business. In today’s world, risks are not few. The reason companies so often fail to systematically manage their key risks is rooted in the way they define the risks they face. Risks are manageable  and the answer to untapped business opportunities that lie dormant waiting for risk factors to turn favorable. With advent of growing risk management complexity and regulatory changes in Indian business environment as per recent SEBI guidelines for listed companies on Clause 49 requirements, MCA and Companies Act, 2013 guidelines - there is an evident need for re-visiting Risk Management planning for your business.

Service lines: We offer  wide spectrum  of  risk management which includes - Risk advisory, Regulatory Compliance and Corporate Governance, Risk Trainings

Operations: We operate with key offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai while overall service delivery  managed across prominent cities in India

Target Audience: Our target market is primarily medium & large corporates, who are looking for risk management solutions at competitive costs and strategic value proposition in loss mitigation. We cater to multi disciplinary sectors like BFSI, Telecom, Automotive, Power, Manufacturing, FMCG, IT services & PSU’s.

Company Values : Our core strength lies our network reach combined with long term relationship with clients  which is supported by our seasoned delivery teams with rich experience where we can leverage their SME skills across domains /industry and cater to clients at a low cost, high quality value proposition with a flexible service delivery methodology as per suitability/customization requirements of current and prospective clients.

Please speak to your SGA Value Leader if you would like to discuss any aspects of Risk Management: India Contact Resource Person-Hemant Seigell

Enterprise Risk Management Services.

  • Study the current risk management policy, framework compare existing practices with desired risk management framework to bring out potential gaps in risk management model of the organization.
  • Evaluate the adequacy of Risk Governance structure organizational setup.
  • Highlight key risk issues and recommended
  •  Developing an optimal risk advisory solutions road map as industry best practices for similar business domain.
  • Business approach document entailing enterprise management plan, recommended steps covering change management for business operating model, Corporate social responsibility.
  • Risk - Framework, governance and continued assessment
  • Design an enterprise wide Risk Management Policy documenting the proposed management framework.
  • Developing necessary procedures excel based templates, reporting formats in order to effectively implement the risk management process.
  • Adopt ISO 31000 standards framework as the foundation of Risk Management
  • Preparation of Risk Register that act as a repository of all risks.
  • Identify Key risk indicators (KRI’s) and potential risk triggers across business processes, operations.

Fraud Risk Management Services
  • Understand and guide regarding perspectives on fraud impacting your organization
  • Importance of fraud detection, deterrence, prevention
  • Role GRC to better prevent
  • Understand the types of fraud and techniques
  • Deploy technology effectively to deter detect fraud
  • Enhance your organization’s fraudmanagement capability

Internal Controls Framework
  • Internal Control Framework – COSO Framework
  •  Risk Based Internal Audit
  • Policy and Process Framework
  • ERM Fundamentals and Practices
  • ERM Methodology & COSO components
  • Risk governance Framework
  • Risk Aggregation & Reporting

Risk Control Self Assessment (RCSA) Management
  • Customized risk control matrix Framework
  • Controls objective , associated risks, Audit steps
  • Reconciliations and Proofing management & review
  • SOX 404 compliance
  • KRI reporting and review
  • Process manual checks/ updation under ver. Control

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